Josh Datko, Founder


Josh Datko is a security and systems engineer specializing in embedded systems development. Additionally, he is a proven leader in both corporate and military organizations, having started his training at the U.S. Naval Academy where he graduated in the top 10%. He also completed the highly selective Trident Scholar program.

In his 10 year naval career, Josh served as a submarine officer where he managed cryptographic communication programs, circumnavigated the globe, trained soldiers on RF jamming equipment in Afghanistan, and served as the Chief Staff Officer for the largest submarine squadron on the east coast.

He is now best known as an embedded systems security architect and security researcher. He has presented talks at HOPE, DEF CON (twice), Blackhat, CCC, Torcon, and others. Since 2013, Josh has been the principal engineer and founder of Cryptotronix, an embedded security consultancy and contracting firm. In 2019, after the well received talk, he co-founded Keylabs Inc, a blockchain security company, in addition to Cryptotronix.



  1. Microchip – Cryptotronix is proud to be a Microchip Security Design Partner with a focus on the CryptoAuthentication product line.
  3. UL – Josh is on the Standard Technical Panel for UL-2900-1. He also has had software successfully certified to this specification.

Advanced Security – Josh is one of the regular trainers at Advanced Security, a company that offers the best online format for live video streaming InfoSec trainings.

  1. Keylabs – Josh is the co-founder of Keylabs, a company that specializes in cryptocurrency, blockchain and hardware security.

CSU – Through the local IEEE chapter in Northern Colorado, Josh volunteers as an Engineer-in-Residence at Colorado State University, helping undergraduate engineering students on their final projects.

NewAE – NewAE is a leader in side channel analysis tools, education, and training that Josh has had the opportunity to collaborate with on various projects.

leveldown –  Josh has worked on many occasions with leveldown, lead by Thomas Roth. Thomas is a Forbes 30-under-30 recipient whose security expertise in Industrial Control Systems, TrustZone, and binary reverse engineering is world renowned.

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