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  • Hardware/IoT Penetration Testing and Review
  • Training on various embedded security topics

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There’s a new Beagleboard breed – the BeagleV-Fire! It combines Microchip’s Polarfire SoC with the Altoids-tin form factor famous from I am particularly excited about this collaboration for all the reasons I get into in the video. The board is slowing making its way to US distributors right now, which is good because Beagleboard… Read More

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I gave a talk for the High Plains IEEE Chapter last week. The requested topic was an introduction to computer security. So I gave it go. The original abstract I came up with was a bit boring, so I asked chatgpt to re-write it in a kind of activist tone. There was no burning of… Read More

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NIST announced in February the winner of the lightweight cipher competition. In this video I motivate WHY we even need lightweight ciphers in the first place using my favorite watch!

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