Cryptotronix is a consultancy and a contract development firm specializing in embedded device security design and development.

Our focus areas are:

  • Embedded Security Design and Architecutre
  • IoT Key Management
  • Microchip CryptoAuthentication MCU/MPU integration and development
  • Software and Firmware development for Cryptographic Hardware
  • Training on embedded security development
  • Hardware Penetration Testing and Review
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Latest Updates

In this video, Josh discusses about the PKCS#11 standard.

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In this video, I confuse “Big Time” with “Sledgehammer.” Those music videos are still pretty epic. Then, I go into a bit of a rant of why cryptocurrency hardware, mainly for wallets, is different than normal cryptographic hardware.

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On Aug. 26/27, I’ll be giving a RISCV Security Class! We’ll look through the hype of RISCV and look at the security model.

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