Cryptotronix is a consultancy specializing in IoT security. We focus on device key management solutions with dedicated embedded cryptographic hardware.

Our focus areas are:

  • IoT Key Management
  • Security IC Integration
  • HSM Integration into offline and cloud environments


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I gave a short talk at the Open Source Hardware Summit last week on Digital Ownership and Right to Repair. (Link to slides (pdf) and youtube). It was a different kind of talk for me–I tried to pick a topic, in this case Right to Repair, and unpack it from different angles. As with most… Read More

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SparkFun posted a blog post on IoT Security. While posting to a blog isn’t newsworthy (unless it’s the one you are currently reading 🙂 ), I’m very encouraged to see this post at SparkFun. The makers/engineers building projects/products are the front line–a systems security engineer like me is combat support. I had a small excerpt… Read More

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Here are my slides from my talk at Portland Bsides: pdf. The fpga repo is here.

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