Cryptotronix is a consultancy specializing in embedded device security design and development.

Our focus areas are:

  • Embedded Security Design and Architecutre
  • IoT Key Management
  • Software and Firmware development for Cryptographic Hardware
  • Hardware Penetration Testing and Review


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I occasionally get asked where one can buy a CryptoCape. It had a good run at SparkFun and its distributors for awhile, but alas, it is retired. However, the project limps on now at OSH Park, where you can order the PCBs!

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See you at the Hardware Attacks, Threats, Risks, and Mitigations class at Black Hat 2018!

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Recently, Microchip announced a new part, the ATECC608A, which is the latest in their CryptoAuthentication Line. It is a crypto co-processor and a nice improvement over the ATECC508A, as long as you understand its limitations.

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