Cryptotronix is a consultancy and a contract development firm specializing in embedded device security design and development.

Our focus areas are:

  • Embedded Security Design and Architecutre
  • IoT Key Management
  • Microchip CryptoAuthentication MCU/MPU integration and development
  • Software and Firmware development for Cryptographic Hardware
  • Training on embedded security development
  • Hardware Penetration Testing and Review
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In this monthly show, Josh talks about computer security (bytes), development kits and hardware (boards), and books!

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What is this Trusted Execution Environment? What problems does it solve? What problems does it introduce? Why am I asking so many questions?!

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In this video, we go over the following use cases for Vault, and then announce that our product, the Quartermaster, runs HashiCorp’s Vault as an appliance to help bridge the embedded world development patterns into a more modern, secure, devops world.

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