Cryptotronix, LLC, based in Fort Collins, CO, provides contract engineering services including embedded secure system design and software development. Our mission is to provide quality and practical security engineering to individuals, organizations, and startups looking for hardware security options.


Cryptotronix focuses in the following areas:

Embedded Driver Development

We write drivers for embedded cryptographic modules with extended experience with ARM (Cortex M and A) devices.

Hardware Security Module (HSM) Integration

If you are creating a new, or migrating an old service, we can help recommend and develop a strategy that incorporates a HSM including offline PKI establishment.

IoT Key Management

We also help design key management strategies that incorporate your embedded product with a cloud or networked service.


Cryptotronix is committed to producing open source hardware and software products. We’ve worked with SparkFun Electronics to build the CryptoCape and CryptoShield. SparkFun and Cryptotronix have released the board files, schematics, and source code.

Community Outreach:

Giving back to the community is a priority for us. Josh was a founding member of his local hackerspace. He has presented at DEF CON and HOPE. He also volunteers at local conferences and has been known to give a lunch and learn or two.