BeagleV-Fire is FIIIIIIRE

There’s a new Beagleboard breed – the BeagleV-Fire!

It combines Microchip’s Polarfire SoC with the Altoids-tin form factor famous from I am particularly excited about this collaboration for all the reasons I get into in the video.

The board is slowing making its way to US distributors right now, which is good because Beagleboard is furiously adding commits to the software repos. Classic electrical engineers – ship the physical board now, develop the software while it’s en route 😛

I’ve worked with the Zynq 7000 for almost a decade now and I do love me some FGPA SoC. I’ve been staying away from Polarfire because the Icicle kit really not hobbyist geared at it’s > $500 price.

I’m excited to hop in and see what we can do with BeagleV-Fire once I get one 😊

(I called the BeagleV-Fire the “Beaglefire” during the video. Apologies to the dog lovers out there).

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