Free the CPU! An introduction on how hackers liberate computers!

I gave a talk for the High Plains IEEE Chapter last week. The requested topic was an introduction to computer security. So I gave it go. The original abstract I came up with was a bit boring, so I asked chatgpt to re-write it in a kind of activist tone. There was no burning of CPUs at the talk, but there was quite a lively discussion afterwards. Here was the original abstract:

In this electrifying talk, we expose the oppressive nature of restricting computers’ true potential. Discover how hackers are liberating processors, unleashing chaos upon power grids, exposing hidden data, and disrupting medical systems. Embrace theoretical wisdom and practical techniques as we march towards a future of free computation (or at least learn why computer security will never be solved in the current model).  Prepare to be inspired as we unveil the untold stories of those challenging the status quo. Break free from futile attempts to stifle computer power and embrace the theory of computation. Together, we can reclaim computing’s true potential and pave the way for a world where processors are no longer confined. Join us in this call to action and learn the history, limitations, and future of computer security.