Josh has and will continue to create short and long form video training. While his training live-streams are available at Advanced Security, the short form topics are available to watch freely here.

Bytes, Boards, and Books

In this series, Josh discusses his three favorite things, computer security, hardware and books!

What is? Embedded Device Security Basics

In this series, Josh breaks down embedded security topics as long as they fit the theme: What is X? Where X is the topic! See, it’s that simple! 🙂 Some of the topics include discussing secure boot and secure elements.

IoT Security Discussions

Josh discusses various IoT security design considerations. In short, 5-7 minute videos, he discusses security considerations in IoT devices, cloud deployments, and mobile interactions. Other topics included are mutual TLS (mTLS), device certificates, battery powered device security, and more. View all videos in this series here.