First official Hashlet Release

I’m excited to announce the first official release of the Hashlet software!  The README outlines the available commands; see this blog post on using the hardware random number generator.

I’m particularly fond of the offline-verify feature. This feature allows you to verify a Message Authentication Code (MAC) from the Hashlet without needing the device attached. I’ll blog a short tutorial soon but the expected use case is a situation where a remote server must verify a message sent from a BeagleBone Black.  I’ve tested the software on a BBB running Debian; official Angstrom support will be in the next release.

The next release will be 0.2.0 which will add a “clone” feature. This feature which allow you to set up two Hashlets, with the same keys, so that they can authenticate each other.

I’m planning on selling the Hashlets on Tindie. Once they are available, I’ll make an announcement here so be sure to subscribe. I will have a limited number available for this first batch.