Hashlet manual for version 0.1.0 is released

The manual for Hashlet version 0.1.0 is now released.  As I was creating this, I realized that I never previously mentioned that the user using the device must be added to the i2c group, otherwise you’ll have to run the commands as root, which is not recommended.  For this release, I focused on helping the user, from unpacking the device to hardware and software installation.  All of the currently implemented high level commands are documented.  Future revisions will include more documentation on the software internals.

This was my first texinfo document and I’m quite happy with the formatting.  It seems to be a dialect of \LaTeX, so if you are comfortable with \LaTeX it’s not all that bad to learn.  Otherwise, it may have a steep learning curve.

And of course, you can buy the Hashlet from Tindie.