Digital Ownership and Right to Repair

I gave a short talk at the Open Source Hardware Summit last week on Digital Ownership and Right to Repair. (Link to slides (pdf) and youtube).

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It was a different kind of talk for me–I tried to pick a topic, in this case Right to Repair, and unpack it from different angles. As with most social-tech issues, their are nuances and important details that need to be considered. With this talk, I tried to consider how Right to Repair affects security and secure management of devices.

The summit and the OSHW community is inspiring. The panel with SparkFun, Great Scott Gadgets, and Aleph Objects was insightful and all three very successful Colorado Open Source Hardware Companies!

[Update: 30 October 2017] Bunnie Huang is using Bitmarks as a way use a blockchain to help deter warranty fraud.