Cryptotronix celebrates its 5 year anniversary!

Cryptotronix just celebrated its five year anniversary! This all started with the humble hashlet and now we have four employees covering embedded hardware (circuit design/PCB layout/RTL), firmware (MCU/Linux drivers/App development) and of course, security (audit/design/architecture/development).

Some of the custom PCBs the team has made over the last five years. Most of these have custom firmware too, but showing that is a bit harder 😉

I’m very proud of the team here and the work we’ve done in helping customers from startups to the Industrial Internet of Things protect their devices. We’ve been fortunate to work with a range of industries and mix of projects.

Within these five years we’ve done:
– Two DEF CON presentations: One on hardware implants, the other on hardware wallet attacks.
– One HOPE presentation.
– One presentation at the Open Source Hardware Summit.
– Written 1 Book, BeagleBone for Secret Agents.
– One SparkFun Hacker-in-Residence tour.
– Hacked the SaintCon Badge.
– Developed a BeagleBone Cape, the CryptoCape.
– Developed an Arduino Shield, the CryptoShield.
– Had one of our drivers merged into mainline uboot.
– Developed a ChipWhisperer Target, the Breaking Bitcoin Board.
– Had vulnerabilities fixed in both the KeepKey and the Trezor hardware wallets.
– Joined the UL 2900 Standards Technical Panel.
– Received a UL 2900-1 certification for a software authentication and encryption library.- Assisted with Joe Fitzpatrick’s Hardware Hacking Class at Black Hat for two years.
– Volunteered as a Colorado State University Engineer-in-Residence since the program’s inception.
– Helped found Loveland Creatorspace, a Maker space in Northern Colorado.

While we are very proud of the public work we’ve done, it’s our work for our customers for which we are the most grateful. Work such as:

  • Performing security assessments.
  • Developing authentication solutions.
  • Designing prototype printed circuit board assemblies for security applications.
  • Writing drivers for cryptographic hardware (microcontrollers and embedded Linux).
  • Building custom embedded Linux distributions.
  • Advising several startups on initial security architecture.
  • Developing a HSM based cloud security solution.

We love working on embedded and IoT security problems, and we are always looking to help protect your products and your customers — regardless of your company’s size! Feel free to reach out to

It’s truly been an amazing five years. I’m very grateful to my wife of 16 years for her support, my entire team here at Cryptotronix who I couldn’t be prouder of, and the countless colleagues and friends who have helped us out along the way. To everybody, thank you.

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