Introduction to RISCV Security

See my previous post on my Memorial Day Message 2021.

Announcing Advanced Security’s new training class!

In this video I discuss my upcoming training on Introduction to RISCV Security. The class will run August 26th-27th and tickets are now available. I’m excited for this one as we’ve gotten a lot of requests for it.

I also:

  • discuss the growing hype of RISCV, making it a popular training topic
  • explain the HiFive as the necessary hardware for the course
  • go on a small rant about mini USB cables and the absurdity of companies still sending them out when we all have dozens lying around
  • expound on how we will go over the security of RISCV, what it covers, and, of course, (for those who know anything about me) we have to touch on what it doesn’t cover

And if you’re anxious to take one of my classes sooner, we’re offering Introduction to Hardware Hacking and Reverse-Engineering again in July.

For a full list of my available trainings, check out Advanced Security
For consulting, contact us at Cryptotronix.

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