Season 1 Episode 4 of Bytes, Boards, and Books

See my previous post on Josh Will Be Featured on the Microchip Shields Up! Series.

Is this the last episode? Will there be any boards for people to get anymore? Well, not sure about that, but what I am sure about is RISCV!

In this video, I go over my favorite and not-so-favorite RISCV dev boards and RISCV books. Not surprisingly, the best boards IMHO are coming from SiFive right now. The HiFive Rev B is the one I’m using for the upcoming RISCV Security class and it is a nice piece-of-kit! What’s great about the SiFive E310 core right now is that it’s simple enough to wrap your head around. A cheap Cortex M0 may still have multiple data sheets, and even an AVR has very rich peripherals! So, it may not be as feature rich as others, perhaps, but it is one of the most fun chips I’ve programmed in a while.

For RISCV64, the HiFive Unmatched has been nice. It’s been made nicer by Canonical’s Ubuntu 21.04 support for the board. Also, the mini-ITX form factor is actually quite nice for a “dev board.”

Lastly, I mention some other boards in the video, with various opinions. I then talk about two of my favorite RISCV books, and then the one book you should read on Afghanistan.

Hope you Enjoy!

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