Microchip SAMA7G54 EVK and ATECC608 & Spearf1sh and the SAMA7G54 EVK

See my previous post on fs-verity: Embedded Linux File Protection.

In this episode I talk about the ATECC608 that’s on the SAMA7G Eval Kit and why, even though the SAMA7 includes TrustZone, you would want an external IC. I also talk about how we included some nice ATECC608 python support in Spearf1sh (the embedded Linux distro) to let you hack on this more easily.

There’s a new Linux SoC by Microchip, the SAMA7G5! It’s a single-core, low power, ARM Cortex-A7 with some nice security features. Because of the nice Linux4SAM project, I was able to port Spearf1sh, our embedded hacking Linux distro onto it pretty quickly!


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