The slides from my lunch-and-learn at SparkFun are now available on SpeakerDeck.  For those who missed the announcement, check out the news post on SparkFun.  There is a brief crypto primer, a detailed look at BeagleBone cape device trees, an introduction to the CryptoCape, and some submarine pictures. Submarine stories always go over well and kids and adults always ask the same questions: Where does the poop go? Are their windows? Do people go crazy onboard?

There are plenty of links to BBB cape resources and the mentioned YouTube videos are extremely helpful.

At SparkFun, I was working mainly on the CryptoCape, a BeagleBone Black cape that has numerous Crypto ICs and other building blocks. The part list is finalized and it will contain:

There is plenty of proto-space on the board to add additional devices and I’ve broken out the I2C pads and the pads for the ATMega. The purpose of the ATMega is to load a custom crypto library to provide functionality not provided by the other chips.  There is an ISP breakout to load a bootloader on the ATMega, but then sketches can then be flashed via the BBB.

The CryptoCape design is undergoing finalization and prototyping.  In the mean-time, you can enjoy the ATSHA204 on the Hashlet.  For those who will want both, I’d like to combine the Hashlet as a separate authentication device to the CryptoCape.  I think a CryptoCape to Hashlet board converter will fit nicely in that proto-space.  Subscribe to the Hashlet mailing lists for development and support discussions.

The Hacker-in-Residence program was amazing and I don’t think I’ve ever been in a more collaborative environment!

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