Crypto for Makers

The new Cryptotronix slogan is Crypto for Makers. It passed the board meeting with an unanimous vote1. I think it better represents my main focus with Cryptotronix which is to make cool crypto stuff. Plus, I’ve used it twice for two different presentations, one time at my local hackerspace and once at SparkFun2.

There are some exciting projects coming out, starting with the CryptoCape. The prototypes are done and it’s going for the first round of production boards. What I really like about the CryptoCape is that all of the chips on the cape are cryptographically uninitialized. The TPM has not been configured by another vendor, nor have the other ICs. The cape is designed to be built upon and allows easy access to security ICs.

But it also has an ATmega328p on it making it very easy to extend or join onto other projects. I can’t wait to hear about the cool projects that involve this cape. And in Open Source Hardware form, the schematics, board files, and Bill of Materials will all be available under a Creative Commons license.

If you are a Colorado Maker, or want to come to Colorado to see Makers, come to the Cryptotronix booth at the Denver Maker Faire, May 3rd and 4th.

  1. After 10 years in the Navy, there’s part of me that enjoys a certain level of bureaucracy. 
  2. At least one presentation was in \LaTeX Beamer.