Hashlet version 1.1.0 released

Hashlet version 1.1.0 is now released. This release adds software features and is compatible with existing configurations. Two main features were added:

The first was suggested by Dave Taht, which adds a flag to retrieve a variable amount of random bytes. Without the flag, it returns 32 bytes. This feature makes some scripting easier. For example:

hashlet random -B 202

The second feature is the addition of adding HMAC-256. The HMAC value will be generated using a secret key on the Hashlet and can be verified offline, without the device as follows:


hashlet hmac -f ChangeLog
echo test | ./hashlet hmac

Your input data is combined with data on the device, so this isn’t a pure HMAC-256. Your data will be applied to SHA-256 and then combined, per the datasheet, with some device data. That result is fed into HMAC-256.


hashlet offline-hmac -r CD0765AB1F94698E0EACDE22C10F362E925F4F4017B75FDE5AB3124FCEBE9754 -f ChangeLog
echo $?
echo test | ./hashlet offline-hmac -r 9CAF53A19F4A8D751F9D03ED3991EF648DC9246D2B329D9A650307212D994326
echo $?

Similar to offline-verify, this verifies the HMAC operation using the key file from ~/.hashlet.

Happy Hacking!