Hardware Attacks, Threats, Risks, and Mitigations at Black Hat 2018!

I’m excited to announce that I’m working with the HardwareSecurity.training crew for the Hardware Attacks, Threats, Risks, and Mitigations class! The class is at BlackHat, August 6-7.

The full class outline is on the website, but the overview is:

Hardware Attacks, Threats, Risks, and Mitigations provides a high-level, comprehensive survey of the state-of-the-art in hardware attacks, threats, and risks. From the system level all the way down to the silicon level, attendees will be exposed to the many attack vectors within the hardware security landscape. Unique hands-on exercises using pen-and-paper will lead into group discussion of the implications, impact, and risk mitigation for each type of attack. Emphasis will be placed on the problem solving and hardware implications, not on in depth hardware setup or exhaustive coding of solutions.

The target audience is:

Engineering managers, Product managers, Red Team leads, CxO (including CISOs and CTOs), and other executives responsible for or have hardware, mixed system, embedded, or IOT devices developed or deployed within their organization.

If you want more hands on training, most of the crew also have individual training classes as well: