Cryptotronix is Officially a Microchip Design Partner

We are excited to announce that we recently became an official CryptoAuthentication Design Partner Specialist with Microchip Technology

As a Design Partner Specialist we are part of a team of companies developing key expertise using the Microchip security devices and libraries. 

We’ve been designing and using these parts since 2014 when we released with SparkFun Electronics the CryptoCape and CryptoShield. Back then we were excited about these parts because they were low-cost, high-value security improvements. Today that’s still true and the part has gained more features! 

We’ve helped add these parts to products that needed device-to-cloud authentication for AWS or Azure IoT systems. But we’ve also used them in low-power designs in wireless and device accessories, where the CryptoAuthentication line provides strong authentication, anti-counterfeiting, and a foundation for device-to-cloud encryption protocols.

We are both honored and excited to be part of the Microchip Design Partner team! Check out the full list of partners here. If you are adding or considering adding a CryptoAuthentication device, we are always happy to help, just email and we’ll get back to you.