What is Secure Boot?

What is secure boot?

I originally posted this on LinkedIn.

In this video I:
– Present a definition of secure boot
– Draw out the boot process of an ARM Cortex-A running Linux.
– Discuss how each boot component has a part in secure boot.
– Do some hand wringing over what exactly is secure boot.
– Talk about how silicon vendors, OEMs, and standards bodies have different definitions.
– Mention secure boot with regards to the TPM and x86 UEFI but then largely ignore those topics 🙂
– Trip over my own words but keep it in the video because one take, one life.
– Ask some questions to myself, like is secure boot only for physical access concerns?
– Ask y’all for feedback.
– Awkwardly end the video as I accidently don’t hit the end-recording button.

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3 thoughts on “What is Secure Boot?

  1. Love this! Did not know about dm-verity nor U-Boot FIT sigs, now have them queued up to research. Def keep these videos coming–really well done and enjoyable to watch.

    1. Thanks Allie! Good to hear from you! I’ve a queue of them ready to post, so stay tuned. The next bit turned into a IoT-ish segment but after that’s done I’ll go back into some specific security areas I think.

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