Security Options on Battery Powered MCUs

This video is one in a series of IoT Security Discussions. View my previous post in the series on Mutual TLS and Cloud IoT Security.

What security options do we have for battery-powered MCUs?

We finally made our way down to the device in this system, and in this video I’m going to assume one of the hardest environments for device security: a BOM constrained-battery-powered-wireless-MCUs.

In this video I:
– Review the IoT System we are trying to build.
– Define the device environment: battery powered, cost sensitive, but we have proprietary firmware we want to protect.
– Remind viewers that security is about managing risk and there is cost associated with that.
– Be realistic about what kind of security features we can expect in this price point.
– Discuss disabling JTAG and other debug features.
– Briefly mention glitch attacks.
– Suggest considering adding a secure element to at least protect the device credential.

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