Mobile Device Security in the IoT

This video is one in a series of IoT Security Discussions. View my previous post in the series on Security Options on Battery Powered MCUs.

What are the security concerns with mobile devices in an IoT system?

Last part of this IoT mini-series! In this video we discuss how the mobile can impact security. First, we look at the simple case, where the mobile is just really a web browser, then we add Bluetooth. Because everyone knows everything is better with Bluetooth!

In this video I:
– Shed a tear for the end of this mini-series
– Quickly review our IoT architecture
– Discuss the mobile when it acts purely as a browser-based system
– Suggest that if you are new to the cloud or have a greenfield system, you should consider using the public clouds built-in user auth mechanisms
– Throw a wrinkle in the design by adding Bluetooth
– Talk about ways to improve the security situation with Bluetooth by adding cloud-aware tokens
– Pontificate that having a cloud OR a Bluetooth based auth system is a bit challenging

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