What Is a Secure Element?

This video is one in a series of IoT Security Discussions. View my previous post in the series on Mobile Device Security in the IoT.

What is a secure element?

We are going back to the “What is” line of videos here now that I’ve explored some IoT architecture. This video tackles the question of secure elements, which unsurprisingly, the definition differs a bit depending on what vendor you ask. But fortunately, I found an unbiased encyclopedia that resolves the issue for us!

In this video I:

– Make a dad joke about secure “elements.”
– Read from a very expensive encyclopedia.
– State how much I dislike the term “secure element” as it doesn’t really tell you anything.
– Go on to clarify what a secure element is, because hey, that’s the title of this video.
– Mention other standards that use the term secure element.
– Answer a bonus question, “Why use a secure element?”
– Describe the use case of using secure elements for TLS.
– Plug the website, https://www.cryptotronix.com/videos, where you can see the ever-growing collection of short security videos.

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