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Thanks Jason Jaques for the honor to be on the Colorado = Security podcast this week! I’m impressed with how this community has grown — it’s a great resource for anyone in or wanting to be in infosec in Colorado. 

In the podcast we:

  • Start with my background and where I’m from
  • Talk about my 10 years in the Navy background and that it’s where I got my start in cybersecurity 
  • Laughed at some funny Navy missile stories, including funny facts like, “Do subs have internet, and where does the poop go?”
  • Fun times I had in Germany and Belgium beer festivals and then my time in Afghanistan
  • Briefly explained the journey from living on the East Coast to moving to CO
  • Discussed my serial entrepreneurship with Cryptotronix, Kelabs, and Advanced Security and talked about each one
  • Explained about how Cryptotronix is an embedded security consulting company
  • Talked about cryptocurrency and how it works on the blockchain
  • Went over that Advanced Security is a hardware security training company (online training like a Twitch screen/live, interactive training)
  • Discussed the benefits of online training and that although in person will probably pick back up again, online and remote work will never go away
  • Talked about the show Black Sails, highly recommend it!
  • Described my role as a mentor with the Engineer in Residence, a local IEEE chapter at CSU for undergrad computer engineering students
  • Offered my final thoughts on Colorado = Security

For a full list of my available trainings, check out Advanced Security
For consulting, contact us at Cryptotronix.

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