Bytes, Boards, and Books: April 2021 Reading List

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First episode of a new format! 

In this monthly show, Josh talks about computer security (bytes), development kits and hardware (boards), and books! This month, the boards are focused around Microchip’s ATECC608 and TrustPlatform design suite. There used to be several options for working with the ATECC608, and that is still true, but with the TrustPlatform board development is now much easier.

On the books we have some fun ones and some technical ones, which are still fun of course, but just more dry 🙂

Book links:
– Microchip information can be found here.
Murdock’s Pirates.
A Burglar’s Guide to the City.
Codes of the Underworld.
Blind Man’s Bluff.
Cryptographic Security Architecture.
Security Engineering.

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